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August 2017 Archives

Child support enforcement options in Massachusetts

When a child is subject to a custody agreement or order, he or she may spend much of the time in the household of one parent. In such arrangements, that parent with whom the child primarily lives is considered the 'custodial parent' of the child, and the other parent, who may have visitation rights with the child is considered the 'noncustodial parent.' Noncustodial parents are often required to pay child support to help maintain their children's livelihoods, as they do not provide day-to-day care for them due to the custodial situation.

Divorce may restrict rights to ex's Social Security income

When a Springfield resident works long enough in a job that qualifies for Social Security he or she may, once reaching the minimum threshold age, begin to receive financial benefits from the Social Security Administration. These payments can help people maintain their lifestyles throughout their retirements, and may help them provide for their spouses as they enter the later phases of life. In some instances, the spouses of Social Security recipients may receive benefits through the recipients' earnings. However, divorce can preclude this option if the couples were not married long enough to qualify.

Back to school may mean changes to child custody arrangements

Although the warmth of summer may last for a while longer, all throughout the country children are preparing to wrap up their vacations and re-enter their school classrooms. Here in Springfield, parents may be reviewing school shopping lists as their kids cling to their last few weeks of calm before the rigors of the academic year begin. For most families, back to school time means a change in the routine they experienced during the summer break. For families subject to child custody agreements and orders, back to school time may indicate the need to review or modify a child's physical custody plan.

Do I have to allege fault for a Massachusetts divorce?

Marriages end for many reasons. While some couples naturally drift apart, others make unexpected and shocking discoveries about each other that bring their relationships to quick ends. In Massachusetts, individuals have a variety of grounds on which to base their divorce fillings, which can include, but do not have to utilize, claims of fault.

Special considerations for pursuing a military divorce

Before a Massachusetts resident begins the difficult process of making personal and financial decisions about how to manage a divorce, he or she must first file the appropriate paperwork with the appropriate court in order to initiate the legal proceedings. Matters such as jurisdiction, residency, and others can influence when and where a person may file for divorce, and for members of the military and their spouses, determining these matters can be complex. This post will provide a general overview of special considerations a service member or a military spouse may make before starting a divorce, but readers are cautioned to use this post as information only, and not legal advice.

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