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September 2016 Archives

Grown out of your marriage? Consider what divorce can do for you

Marriages can last several decades, a few years or even just a few months for some Massachusetts couples. The reality is that marriages often don't last a lifetime anymore. For those who feel they have outgrown their marriage, it may be in your and your family's best interests to consider dissolution of your marriage. Divorce can be a necessary part of personal growth that opens doors when others close.

Grandparents may need to step in to care for grandkids

Sometimes, parents are not the best versions of themselves. This can lead to an unsafe living environment for children for a number of reasons. Grandparents, who love their grandkids very much, may feel that they are a child's best guardian, whether temporarily or long-term. Guardianship is a legal option that grandparents may opt for when seeking physical or legal custody of grandchildren.

Actions to take against parent who owes child support

When co-parenting a child from separate households, it can definitely be a challenge. Coordinating schedules, long-term planning and a child's activities and after-school expenses can become a whirlwind for even the most organized parent. Somewhere in all of this, a primary custodial parent often receives child support from the child's other parent. However, occasionally, child support payments can become delinquent.

If a judge assigns reasonable visitation, what does this mean?

Kids need as many positive influences in their lives as possible. Adults, including parents, are incredibly influential in a child's life. This is why judges sometimes assign visitation in cases where parents are not granted custody. Even if a child's parents are not together, it is still best for a parent to be involved in the child's life as a positive influence, when appropriate.

Obtaining guardianship of a child in Massachusetts is possible

Every family's situation is different. Sometimes, despite a parent's best intentions, their parenting abilities are not up to par. This can happen for various reasons, but, regardless of why it happens, a family member or loved one often decides that they want to step in to gain guardianship of the minor in question. Guardianship is a legal term that grants legal custody of a child to a family member or relative.

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