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Does a prenup mean you’re going to get divorced?

A prenuptial agreement allows couples to discuss certain outcomes before they get married. They can consider what would happen to their assets if they get divorced. This helps them to define ownership percentages or decide how to split up financial accounts.

People are sometimes worried about asking their partner for a prenup because they don’t want it to sound like they’re already thinking about getting a divorce before they’ve even gotten married. They think that their partner isn’t going to take the news well or will think that the marriage is doomed to fail. But is this actually true?

It could make your marriage stronger

Some studies have found that the opposite is true. It’s possible for a prenuptial agreement to make a marriage stronger, rather than guaranteeing divorce.

For one thing, divorce is sometimes caused by miscommunication. But a prenup forces couples to have these important conversations so that they’re on the same page.

Additionally, divorce often stems from financial issues. Maybe people disagree about how they see money or how the family’s assets should be used. If they don’t talk about it, financial issues can lead to a lot of conflict. But once again, a prenup forces them to have these difficult conversations in advance. This can make the relationship stronger and actually lower the odds that they will eventually get divorced.

Exploring your options

As you can see, marriage and divorce can get very complicated, and prenups are just one area to consider. Take the time to carefully look into all of your legal options if you and your spouse are in this position.