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Back to school may mean changes to child custody arrangements

Although the warmth of summer may last for a while longer, all throughout the country children are preparing to wrap up their vacations and re-enter their school classrooms. Here in Springfield, parents may be reviewing school shopping lists as their kids cling to their last few weeks of calm before the rigors of the academic year begin. For most families, back to school time means a change in the routine they experienced during the summer break. For families subject to child custody agreements and orders, back to school time may indicate the need to review or modify a child’s physical custody plan.

Whether a child custody order or agreement must be modified will depend on many factors that are specific to the needs of the child subject to the controlling document. For example, if children change schools or will experience a change in routine due to academic commitments, their parents may need to adjust when they transition between households or when the noncustodial parent has visitation time with the youths.

Because the needs of every child differ, it is best for individuals subject to child custody arrangements to consider discussing their potential back to school questions and concerns with family law attorneys who understand their particular needs. Claudette-Jean Girard, attorney at law, is a family law advocate for individuals going through divorce, custody and support disputes, as well as other legal issues that can arise in the domestic relations area of the law.

Attorney Girard is available to consult with new child custody clients to discuss their needs, and to advise them of the legal options they may have to address complications in their current agreements and orders. To reach Claudette-Jean Girard and her family law practice readers may visit her online through her child custody website.