An Attorney Who Has Walked In Your Shoes


Claudette and her staff improved the quality of my life. My divorce was going horrible and my original representation was deplorable. I did not trust the legal system at all. In all honesty I still do not trust the legal system, but I do trust Claudette. She never tried to sell me a dream, she was honest about everything and provided more care than I expected from an attorney who deals in divorce. I get to spend time with my daughter now, and the divorce came out to be fair instead of one sided. I am always impressed with her work ethic and that of her staff. Claudette is just phenomenal at what she does, and I am extremely grateful to have been supported by her. If your looking for an attorney for family or divorce matters, reach out to Claudette and her team, you will not regret it.

Joseph L.

If you are looking for an excellent Divorce Attorney then look no further. Claudette is very organized, well prepared, and knowledgeable about every aspect in the divorce process.. Her firm is very family oriented with several family members working for her. Her family was very kind and easy to communicate with and made it a more comfortable experience. Claudette takes pride in herself and her job and works very hard for you. This was obvious from the start but especially when it got to the final process. During the trial Claudette brought the truth to light and diminished all accusations made by my former spouse. Everything worked out fairly due to Claudette’s ’ hard work, expertise ,and knowledge in Family Law. Choosing Claudette is similar to picking Tom Brady as your Qb on your final drive down 6 with under 2 minutes needing a touchdown. Thanks Claudette for bringing out the truth!


Attorney Girard has been nothing short of amazing. She is kind, compassionate and understanding. She works extremely hard, and focuses on what’s most important. She is easily accessible and works tirelessly to make sure everything is taken care of. Her office staff is also incredible. Hiring Attorney Girard was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, especially when it comes to the circumstances. I would recommend her and her team to anyone and everyone.


Divorce is not quick. Even if you don’t have kids, the court process takes months. However, attorney Claudette is the most responsive, attentive and professional lawyer I’ve worked with. The opposing lawyer did not even know how to do his job properly, did not even show up to his court hearing, and Claudette took the initiative to expedite the process and make everything okay. If you want someone who is succinct, sharp as a samurai sword, and has a sense of humor to match, you need to hire Claudette. Other lawyers just will not do. When I first called her office, they could not even arrange a meeting with me until the next week and I was anxious to get the process started right away so that was disappointing, but I had a feeling she was worth the wait and I was right. Even if you have to wait a little longer to set up an initial meeting, it is worth it. She is busy because she is an excellent lawyer, but also somehow manages children, an office and several clients. If Wonder Woman was a lawyer, it would be Claudette-Jean Girard!!!!Thank you

Noelle Pinsonnault

I can’t thank you all enough for everything. This time last year I was living a nightmare with custody battle antics and tomfoolery. Over the last year, I was blown away by the competence, drive and sincerity of attention my case got. I know that was the defining factor that ensured that my kids will grow up in a loving and nurturing home with emotional and mental stability, feeling loved, wanted, valued and heard instead of a path of possible anguish, or worse. The effects will last for generations, long after I am gone. I can never thank you enough. Worth *every* penny, trust the process, trust this Attorney.


Thank you again as words cannot express my gratitude for what you did for me. You allowed me to stay focused on the children when they needed it most and took it upon yourself to handle the rest. Again, words cannot express my gratitude for such a huge undertaking!! Even when my focus wavered you kept me pointed in the right direction. Thank you again! I am ecstatic with the outcome, and I am looking forward to my life with the children being one of fun and happiness.


The first time I met with Claudette to discuss moving forward with my divorce, I made an immediate personal connection with her. She made me feel more than comfortable. I felt confident at that point in moving forward with one of the most difficult obstacles I would endure in my life. Although scared what the future may hold for myself and my young daughter, I was feeling confident because of Claudette.

Claudette is very caring. She is a confident individual who helps you every step of the way. Having a child involved with a Divorce is never easy, however, Claudette openly shares her own personal experience with you and makes you realize you can confidently proceed with her assistance. Her knowledge is endless, and her compassion is alongside you the entire time.

Her quick responses to your inquiries are simply amazing. She is more than timely as well as thorough in her responses.

Claudette has a “spunkiness” to her that I love so much. She is quick-witted. She is “spunky” when she needs to be. I went into this divorce looking to walk away with the Silver and I came out with the Gold. I wouldn’t refer anyone to anyone else but Claudette for a Divorce. I couldn’t be happier that I came across her information when I was in the first steps of trying to find that perfect lawyer, willing to fight for what you and your child deserve, and of course, what was the best interest of the child.

I don’t look at Claudette as MY ATTORNEY, rather a friend that I was fortunate enough to have gained during that challenging time in my life.

Cindy White

Attorney Claudette was gracious and kind with me, yet bold in action. Tactful and tactical with my adversary, yet not unkind. She was able to deliver in every aspect and got me exactly the deal I wanted. She has a thorough knowledge of the law and was with me every step of the way. It is apparent that she has a great deal of empathy for children. Claudette responded quickly any time I had a question and was able to guide me through a process that could have been a lot more painful for everyone involved were it not for her. I highly recommend Attorney Girard for anyone who is against the odds, trying to do what is right for their family. She was persistent, thorough, and on top of every aspect of the case from start to finish and even beyond. I am more than happy that I decided to go with Claudette, I do not believe things would have turned out so well otherwise. She handled my case as if it were her top priority and that was a wonder because my children are mine. If I ever am in need in the future, there is no doubt that I will stay with Claudette.


Attorney Girard is very down to earth and put herself in my situation always going above and beyond to answer all my questions thoroughly. Even when I didn’t understand, she took the time to explain things further until I could fully understand. She also provided me with realistic expectations for my situation and never tried to sugar coat things. I would highly recommend her to anyone who may be going through a child custody battle. She took a time of turmoil for me and made it manageable resulting in a positive outcome. Understanding that the litigation process can be a costly one, Hands-Down! Attorney Girard is and was worth EVERY red-cent. Thank you, Attorney Girard and Staff (Sarah) for everything you’ve done.


Claudette is an extremely reliable and dedicated attorney. Her knowledge of the law is outstanding, allowing her to be a truthful and trustworthy professional. She is very efficient and pays mind to every detail, while at the same time keeping the client well informed of every action. Attorney Girard is highly skilled at her work.


Grateful to have been introduced to Attorney Girard through a friend I never expected the character and competency I would receive. With knowledge, experience, persistence, integrity, and extreme efficiency she covered all aspects of legalities in negotiation and court appearance. Claudette is extremely personable, compassionate and charismatic. There is no doubt in my mind that she is personally dedicated, involved, understanding, patient, realistic and empathetic to her clients giving me the confidence to make it through the arduous divorce process. Trusting her to be my voice and advocate was the best decision I could have made.


Attorney Girard is an absolute professional. She excels both in legal mastery and handling clients and cases with the utmost compassion and caring. She exceeded my high expectations, and I am beyond impressed by her level of dedication. She clearly explained the process and answered my countless questions with incredible patience. Attorney Girard is highly competent and skilled and will help you through a difficult time with a smile on her face.

Somehow Claudette made a difficult and challenging time easier than I envisioned. She did a great job for me and will for you. Claudette is Hardworking, Honest and Fair, Friendly, Detailed and Patient.


I highly recommend this woman Claudette Girard to anyone that needs help in a divorce. She had a hard case with my divorce and was able to beat the high-priced lawyer of my ex. She was able to get my house for me and my children, and the ex to pay my mortgage. For me, she was truly a Godsend. Claudette is the Best.

Donna B.

I can’t begin to tell you how fortunate I was to find Attorney Claudette Jean Girard to guide me through my divorce. I was married for nearly thirty years, so the process was overwhelming, to say the least. When I contacted Attorney Girard she immediately put me at ease. She was so much more than my lawyer. She was kind and empathetic to my situation. She explained everything to me clearly and professionally. It was nice to have someone who not only knows the law but shared with me some of her story which made me feel like I was not alone. She empowered me with the knowledge and patience to get through this very difficult period in my life. I would recommend her to anyone who is contemplating a divorce. Not only did I consider her a great lawyer but in the end, she became a friend. Strange as this might sound, I miss her. Who can say that about their attorney?

Susan M.

My wife and I were facing a difficult challenge when I was trying to adopt her 6-year-old son. We had tried another lawyer and were appalled at his ineptitude. We searched and found Claudette. Throughout the testimonials, on this page, you can see a common theme. Claudette cares about her clients. She led us through a difficult situation and found the answers we needed. On December 23rd, I was able to adopt Christian. Claudette cared so much about our situation that she showed up with her own family on her birthday to get the adoption through before Christmas. We could not have asked for a better Christmas gift.

Marty & Kelly

I was able to obtain Atty Girard through a longtime friend who I confide in and she was more than I expected. We hear all the horror stories about separation and divorce; Atty Girard was able to give examples of her personal experience and how it would pertain to my situation. This made for a comforting consultation and a quick resolution. She left nothing out there for chance as she was able to speak fluently and confidently about my case. Atty Girard always seemed to have time for me, pretty much at any hour of the day, and I was appreciative of the personal care that she was able to give. I cannot thank her enough for the honesty, integrity and care for my situation. Divorce is a tough word to say and to experience. I do not wish it upon anyone. Atty Girard was able to make for a more comforting experience and resolution. Thank You.

Steve S.

The divorce was the most stressful event in my entire life. I was not prepared for it and completely blindsided. I had no idea what rights I had and most importantly, what rights I had as a father. Claudette guided me through it all in a caring and professional manner. She worked hard to preserve my rights as a parent and helped me get an agreement that was fair. Thanks to her skills and knowledge, I can begin to rebuild my life.

Ed P.

Claudette handled my divorce. I found her not only very resourceful but informative and professional. Hopefully, I will never need her services again but if I do, she will be the person I call… Claudette actually cares…, I have gotten calls since my divorce to see how things are going and simple holiday wishes… thank you, Claudette!

Jim T.

Attorney Girard represented me through a very difficult divorce. She stood my side each time my case was presented to the Judge. Attorney Girard not only ensured that an equitable agreement was reached but also ensured that above all my children’s’ best interests came first. She takes a personal interest in her cases, not only providing sound legal counsel but a sounding board when a client really just needs to talk. Attorney Girard is always the first person I call when I have questions regarding my divorce, Custody, or child support. I highly recommend Attorney Girard to anyone who doesn’t want to simply be a case number within the legal system.

Mark C.

When I had to return to court with my ex-wife, Attorney Girard was able to bring about an equitable resolution to what was a very hostile situation. She is thorough, thoughtful, and a calming influence in what can be the most trying of circumstances. I have and will continue to refer family and friends to Claudette and would absolutely use her services again.

Robert D.

Claudette is very personable and professional. She is very knowledgeable about her special branch of the law. I found her to be sympathetic, understanding, and tactful. Going through this process of developing an IEP and getting the right services for your child can be very emotional and it was nice to have someone who understands this, as she is also the parent of a disabled child. The IEP we developed was excellent and I am very happy with it. I would highly recommend her services to any parent out there who has struggled like I have to struggle to provide the very best for my child.

Louise D.