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June 2016 Archives

Divorce is a change worth making for some Springfield couples

Change is hard. Although this may be true, change can be beneficial for personal growth, and sometimes necessary. Even with the best of intentions, some marriages are not meant to last forever. With the emotional stress that accompanies divorce, it is important to understand that the process, albeit difficult, can be worth it.

Joint custody desirable for Massachusetts child custody

No two parents wish for their children to feel that they have to "choose" between their parents. The face of the average family is different from years past with parents living in different households and blended families becoming more and more common. This is proof that successful parenting can be done from two separate households. This is good news for parents involved in, or thinking of going through, a change in their child custody arrangement.

What does the Massachusetts divorce process look like?

If you are thinking about pursuing a divorce, or are in the middle of one, it is normal not to know what to expect. Navigating the emotional turmoil of divorce can often take up the majority of the time. If the process can be at all simplified, that would be ideal.

Ways MA fathers can empower their daughters after a divorce

The all-important dad and daughter relationship has come under scrutiny in recent years. With divorce rates as prevalent as they are in our society, it is important to look at how divorce affects parent-child relationships. Since divorce will ultimately change the circumstances of everyday life, child custody orders need to be taken into account when considering the divorce's effect on the parent-child relationship. For Massachusetts fathers specifically, how can they foster relationships with their daughters, post-divorce?

Enforcement of a MA child support order is possible

For those, who have an existing child custody arrangement, they understand the significance of the arrangement. They also know how judiciously the Massachusetts family court carefully selected the arrangement to fit the best needs of their children, amongst other factors. As a parent, their number one priority is ensuring that the needs of their child are met. This is why it can be frustrating when a court-ordered child support order is either no longer functioning properly or the child's other parent is not holding up their end of the agreement.

Jurisdiction in Massachusetts military divorce versus civilian

Due to the stresses that many military families face with deployment, frequent moving and other stressful situations, it is common for spouses and their families connected to the military to experience a divorce. Divorce for military people and regular civilians are often equally as uncomplicated. However, there are certain rules and regulations that apply to military divorces that do not apply to the conventional civilian divorce. One of these applicable differences in military divorce concerns the topic of jurisdiction.

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