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December 2016 Archives

How is being a guardian different from being a parent?

There aren't many joys greater than the joy of being a parent. However, being a parent is a big responsibility and for one reason or another, some parents may not be able to complete their parental responsibilities. Oftentimes in these unfortunate situations, a guardian will step in to complete parental duties and to look after the minor. Massachusetts family court may find it in a child's best interest to appoint a guardian to their case, if one is able and willing.

Ensure that your child receives enough child support

When it comes to your child's well-being, there isn't anything that a Springfield parent wouldn't do. With regard to financial support and the amount a child should receive from a non-custodial parent, how much is enough? Maybe you are going through the child support process for the first time, or maybe you are considering a change in circumstances that could affect your child support amount. Regardless, parents can usually agree that financial support is key to a child's growth and success.

Tips for separated Massachusetts parents around the holidays

Oftentimes, before parents make the big decision to divorce, there is a trial separation period. Separated couples are simply married couples who are no longer living together as typical married couples, and they tend to make some decisions solo instead of as a unit. Separation can give married couples a chance to cool down and get back together or it could solidify the idea that a permanent separation, or divorce, is the best thing for them and their family. When parents are separated over the holidays it can be stressful and overwhelming to have a change in the holiday routine, both for the parents and for the children.

Four types of alimony awarded after Massachusetts divorce

When people toss around the word 'alimony,' what does it mean? Alimony is a legal term given to monthly payments made from one spouse to the other after a divorce has rendered the financial situation unbalanced. However, alimony isn't awarded in every divorce scenario.

How is Massachusetts child custody determined?

There aren't many things more important to a parent than their child. This is true even when parents decide to make the difficult decision to divorce. The children are always high on a parent's priority list, which is why most parents have questions pertaining to the child custody process and how it is determined. Child custody determinations are based on a number of different factors all pertaining to a child's best interests.

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