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How many couples get divorced within the first year?

Maybe you realized that the marriage was a mistake by the wedding reception – or maybe it took a few months. Either way, you have yet to make your first anniversary and you already want out.

Is your situation unusual? Not at all. While there are no exact figures on the subject, various studies indicate that most marriages that fail will do so within the first two years

What’s the reason for the trend?

One of the leading causes of early marriage failure is unrealistic expectations. They see the “red flags” in the relationship but they convince themselves that everything is either the product of stress from the wedding preparations or something that can be worked out over time.

In the end, the reasons some marriages quickly come undone are a combination of the following:

  • Communication issues: Good communication is the bedrock of a healthy relationship but some partners stop putting effort into their communications once they’ve tied the knot.
  • Different goals for the future: You may be married before you realize that your spouse dreams of homesteading but you’re only content in the city. Marriages frequently fracture when couples develop different social and political viewpoints that take them down diverging paths.
  • Infidelity: Studies also show that men are most inclined to cheat on their spouses during the early years of marriage, for whatever reason. That infidelity can be the end of any trust in the relationship.
  • Family issues; You marry your spouse, not their family – but family support can go a long way toward establishing strong bonds with your spouse. When family dynamics with the in-laws are strained, however, the situation can become toxic.

Whatever the reason you’re contemplating divorce, you’re hardly alone. What you need to do now is take a step back and start gathering more information about the divorce process and what to expect as you move forward.