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3 potential reasons for the rise in gray divorce

In recent years, there’s been a shift in divorce rates. For most people, these rates have been going down. But gray divorce has shown a consistent rise.

A gray divorce is just when people are in their 50s or 60s. They may be couples that got married decades before and have already raised children. This rise in divorce rates surprises some people because they previously saw these marriages as fairly stable and long-term, but it’s clear that they are ending. Below are three reasons why this happens.

The meaning of marriage changed

For many couples, it’s just that marriage is different than when they were younger. For example, women used to have far fewer professional opportunities, so they may have viewed marriage as a way to achieve financial success. Now that they don’t need it for that purpose any longer, they may want to get divorced.

The role of children

Children can also impact this rate, in the sense that many people are becoming empty-nesters around this time. A couple may technically not have been happy in their marriage for years, but they stayed together for the children. In other cases, the children were just a distraction from the problems in the marriage.

Seeking happiness

Researchers also noted that modern couples are usually looking for happiness and self-fulfillment in their marriages. This isn’t just a legal arrangement. Some of these couples may discover that they’re not happy, they haven’t been in a long time, and divorce is the only way to carve out the future they want for themselves.

That being said, a gray divorce can be very complicated from a financial standpoint. That’s why it’s so important for couples to know about their legal options.