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Ensure that your child receives enough child support

When it comes to your child’s well-being, there isn’t anything that a Springfield parent wouldn’t do. With regard to financial support and the amount a child should receive from a non-custodial parent, how much is enough? Maybe you are going through the child support process for the first time, or maybe you are considering a change in circumstances that could affect your child support amount. Regardless, parents can usually agree that financial support is key to a child’s growth and success.

Child support is determined by calculating a variety of factors. The number one underlying factor is the best interests of the child. Obviously, unlimited funds would be in the best interests of the child, but considering the other limited factors such as a parent’s salary, the balance of the two will help determine what is appropriate. There isn’t a quick answer when it comes to determining the right child support number.

This is why taking into consideration all of a child’s needs and wants will help fine-tune the child support number even further. If applying for a child support modification, it can be helpful to document what has changed with the child or parent that would make a child support modification appropriate.

Claudette-Jean Girard, Attorney at Law, has been helping people with family law issues for years. Child support determinations or modifications are no different. Achieving a favorable outcome begins with understanding your legal options and any constraints. Our law firm’s website has more information about child support and other family law issues.