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Obtaining guardianship of a child in Massachusetts is possible

Every family’s situation is different. Sometimes, despite a parent’s best intentions, their parenting abilities are not up to par. This can happen for various reasons, but, regardless of why it happens, a family member or loved one often decides that they want to step in to gain guardianship of the minor in question. Guardianship is a legal term that grants legal custody of a child to a family member or relative.

This can be especially important for special needs children who need extra parental attention. However, it is certainly important that every child have an advocate who can help them obtain the most ideal situation, whether this is with a parent or guardian. Since parents and guardians have the ability to make important decisions for the child, it is very important that a child have that type of support. Often, guardianship is awarded to a family member when problems of neglect, chemical dependency, mental illness or abuse are present in the child’s home.

Since these situations can be hard on the child physically, mentally and emotionally it is usually recommended that another party, like a guardian, step in to be a positive influence. If a child’s parents cannot care for the child, then having a guardian may be the next best thing. At Claudette-Jean Girard Attorney at Law, we have handled many cases in which a friend or family member seeks to gain legal custody of a child. This is usually sought because the adult sees the situation the child is in and feels compelled to step in.

The process of seeking guardianship of a minor is a very specific process that calls for several items in order to achieve that legal status. While the process can appear overwhelming at first glance, it is managed by hundreds of people every year. Whatever the reason is for someone wishing to obtain guardianship over a child, the outcome is definitely worth the process. A child’s well-being should be at the heart of every decision that an adult makes in a child’s life.