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April 2016 Archives

Understanding alimony is important for divorcing couples

There are many important considerations during divorce and many changes that come with it. One change is that one household typically becomes two households. Families have to adjust to new living circumstances following divorce and also adjust to financially maintaining two households instead of one. One method of accounting for the financial changes couples may go through, and the division of one household into two, is through alimony which is also referred to as spousal support. Spousal support is a payment made by one former spouse to the other.

All about the process of guardianship of a minor in Mass.

Some children are left in a position where their parents are unable to care for them or make decisions on their behalf. In this situation, family member or friend of that child may decide it is in the child's best interests to seek guardianship of a minor. A guardian is a person who helps a minor make legal decisions that the child cannot otherwise make on his or her own. Guardians can help minors in other ways such as their day to day care or well-being.

Avoiding unemployment as an older stay-at-home parent

Every divorce situation is unique. Some Massachusetts residents may wish to handle their divorces outside of court through mediation. Others may want to fight for certain resolutions through litigation. Though every situation is unique, it is possible to tailor each divorce strategy so that the unique factors involved in such divorce cases are accounted for. By doing so, it is often possible to pave the way for a smooth divorce.

Protecting a parent's interests in child custody

As any Massachusetts parent can agree, when it comes to divorce, the best interests of the children are always the most important factor to consider. What is most beneficial to the child should always be at the forefront of any conversation involving children. However, parents often have disagreements when it comes to what exactly the best interests of the child entail. This can make matters such as child custody and child support among the most contentious issues in divorce.

Who is entitled to spousal support in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts residents who have just made the decision to divorce often have many questions. Some of these questions may pertain to financial manners, that is, who is entitled to what in property division. Other questions may involve child support, child custody and other issues involving children. In some cases, too, questions surrounding alimony may arise. Alimony is not something that is relevant in every divorce case, and only certain situations entitle a person to spousal support.

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