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Massachusetts parenting plans for special needs children

The emotional toll a divorce can take on both partners in a relationship is hard to overstate. The dividing of a household, the untangling of finances and debts, and the realization that one may not have someone else to depend upon all the time can create a lot of anxiety. This is often further exacerbated when children are involved, as then there will also be questions of where the kids will live, and who will be making the important decisions about their lives.

When a couple has a disabled or special needs child, this process can be even more stressful. After all, the previously married couple had likely gotten used to dealing with both the joys and challenges that come with caring for children together. Now, there may be questions about how the child’s needs will be met by one or the other of the parents. Parents in such a situation should be assured that there is a way to deal with these difficult questions.

This blog recently discussed shared child custody implementation plans and how they fit into a Massachusetts divorce. While these plans generally outline where the child will live and who will be making decisions about certain issues, they can also encompass much more. Parents of children with special needs may want to add more specific planning depending upon the circumstances of their own child’s situation. Planning out how to handle 24-hour care, for example, or how to divide expenses for special needs the child requires can go a long way to avoiding disputes down the line.

Divorce can be hard on anyone, but can be especially difficult when a special needs child needs to be provided for. Massachusetts parents, however, should know that there are experienced family law lawyers who are available to help guide clients through the planning necessary to ensure that their children receive the care they need. Our law firm handles a wide variety of family law issues, and our website is a good starting point for people who need more legal information.