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Prenups could ease property division for Massachusetts couples

Many Massachusetts couples may go into a marriage believing they will stay together forever. In cases like this, some people may not see the need or even balk at taking precautionary measures when it comes to the idea of divorce issues. However, setting up legal documents that can deal with property division and other family law issues before a marriage can create a less stressful situation if a seemingly perfect marriage does begin to go downhill later on.

Amiable divorce can cause less future stress for Hampden couples

When going through a divorce, a former happy couple could be at each other's throats. Though the marriage is ending, there are often residual feelings for one or both parties, and those feelings can lead to hurtful and spiteful actions. One party may believe that hurting the other person through certain actions may make the first party feel better, but some Massachusetts couples may find that keeping emotions in check and maintaining an amiable relationship during divorce can help further interactions in the future, especially if children are involved.

Positive outlooks could be beneficial in Massachusetts divorce

Massachusetts residents know the difficulties of divorce can often cause much upset for both parties, even the one who initiated the divorce discussion. Though hard feelings can arise toward separating partners, it is important to remember that being upset is natural, and more than likely both spouses are feeling some negative emotions. Focusing on positive personal emotions after a divorce can help not only oneself feel better quickly, but it can also lead to a more amiable divorce process and after period.

Massachusetts led way for Florida alimony reform

Divorce often leads to many questions that need to be answered. Financial obligations of all parties involved as well as child custody and support tend to be the forerunners of issues that need speedy resolutions. The laws governing these issues can seem complicated and can become outdated. Massachusetts passed an alimony reform in 2011 which changed alimony laws for the state. This reform sparked national interest, and alimony reform is currently a hot button issue in Florida.

Massachusetts divorce often includes alimony payments

In a divorce, alimony is one of the most contentious factors that a couple must face. This is because in many cases there is one spouse that may have been in a less favorable economic position throughout a marriage. This individual may seek to receive alimony payments for a period of time as they work to be able to return to gainful employment.

Massachusetts child custody centers on best for child

The U.S. Supreme Court will soon hear a case that may be of interest to our readers in Massachusetts. In the matter, which is based on a child custody battle, the court will be asked to decide if a child will remain with her biological father or with the family that adopted her at birth. The decision is expected later this year.

Alcohol consumption can contribute to divorce in Massachusetts

It may surprise some readers in Massachusetts to learn that couples who report that they are light drinkers have a divorce rate of 5.8 percent. This number reflects those who self-reported the amount that they drank in a recent large study. In addition, the study notes that those who consume excessive amounts of alcohol are the most likely to go through the divorce process.

Divorce in Massachusetts may include college tuition decision

There are many issues that a couple must decide as they work to end their marriage in divorce in Massachusetts. Among the common decisions to be made in a divorce are the division of property, spousal support and child-related issues. For some the appointment of a parent that is responsible for the payment of a child's college tuition is among the negotiations that take place.

Family law custody issue in Massachusetts can be contentious

Massachusetts parents try to do what is best for their children. This universal fact can result in a contentious discussion in a family law matter when a couple seeks to end their marriage. The negotiations regarding child custody and support can be some of the most difficult a couple faces as each party navigates the divorce process.

Massachusetts divorce could benefit from financial review

Many people in Massachusetts are no strangers to the sometimes-contentious issues that can come up as a couple seeks to end their marriage. These can include a fight over child custody and support. For some with high assets, the divorce process typically includes dividing up the property obtained while a couple was married.

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