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What can I do when my special needs child turns 18?

As is the case in most states, a child in Massachusetts will reach an age at which, legally, they have both the right and responsibility to handle their own affairs. In this state, a child who is over 18 is an adult and presumably has the ability to take care of themselves. For some, though, help may still be needed to ensure that adult is safe both physically and financially.

Once I have guardianship of a minor, what must I do?

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, grandparents and other concerned relatives may be able to help a child by taking custody of them through guardianship. Hopefully, with the proper legal help, this process can go relatively smoothly, particularly if the child's biological parents are on board with the process.

Options other than full-blown guardianship

As this blog has discussed, guardianship of a minor is an option that relatives of minor children can use when someone needs to step in and take care of those children. This scenario arises often in situations where a parent, due to a drug addiction, mental illness or other issue, is either unwilling or unable to care for their own children.

Can other relatives legally step in to help a child?

A previous post on this blog talked about how Springfield, Massachusetts, grandparents can use a guardianship to get custody over a grandchild that is in need of a stable home and whose parents, for whatever reason, are unwilling or unable to meet that need.

What are signs of abuse in the home?

One of the reasons Springfield, Massachusetts, residents might seek out a guardianship of a child who is a relative or a close friend is because they suspect abuse in the home of the child's parents. As much as these people might love the child's parents, they feel that they simply must step in to help the child whom they love.

Fighting a termination of guardianship

Previous posts here have discussed how a relative can obtain guardianship over minor children when there is abuse in their home or the children's parents are otherwise unwilling or unable to care for their children. Massachusetts law has a procedure parents can use when they feel that they are again in a positon to take care of their children. While the procedure calls for a judge to end a guardianship when doing so is in the best interest of the children, it is also important to remember that Massachusetts law expresses a strong preference for a child's legal parents to raise their children.

Guardianship issues when children have special needs

Previous posts here have discussed how Massachusetts residents may be able to obtain a guardianship in order to give them legal authority over minor children in their care. Guardianships are particularly useful to grandparents in the Springfield area, as well as other adults who might be giving care to their younger loved ones. These people need the legal authority to take care of these children and provide for their needs by taking the doctor and enrolling them in school, among many other tasks.

Representing parents, relatives in guardianship cases

As previous posts have discussed, there are many situations in which a Springfield, Massachusetts, resident may need to step in and be able to take care of a young relative or other child in their lives. These people will need to have legal authority in order to do what they need to do to take care of the child, and a guardianship is a way to get that authority. In some situations, the friend or relative seeking guardianship is doing so in part to prevent the child from going through the public welfare system.

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