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It's okay to meet with a lawyer pre-divorce

When you are considering the decision to divorce or to stay with your spouse, there can be so many thoughts, reasons, and ideas that float through your head. No relationship is perfect, but that doesn't mean that a terrible marriage is worth staying in. It's wise to get your facts straight about the process and about your goals for any moves you may or may not make. That's why it can be a good idea to meet or speak with a divorce lawyer.

Weighing the pros and cons of divorce

The decision to get a divorce is a significant one. Many people in Massachusetts who are contemplating getting a divorce agonize about the decision for months, if not years. Sometimes they are certain that a divorce is the right decision, while at other times they may catch a glimpse of what their spouse was like at better times in the relationship and think twice. For anyone who is thinking about divorce, it is probably helpful to understand some of the pros and cons of the legal process.

Military divorce in Massachusetts

Divorces that involve at least one member on active duty in the United States military can be significantly different from a divorce in which neither spouse is one active duty. Moreover, Massachusetts laws create several special issues for couples in which one or both spouses is on active duty.

Don't face Massachusetts military divorce issues alone

These days, divorce is a common enough event, but that doesn't mean that people aren't going to have questions about it. On the contrary, many people do not have much experience with divorce law. There is also a lot of incorrect and misleading information floating around. Getting accurate information, tailored to one's specific situation, can be very helpful. Service members may be some of those facing these kinds of unknown situations.

Special issues may affect military divorces

Any divorce in Massachusetts can raise important and complicated family law questions, even when the couple is of relatively modest means. Because they are already in a unique situation given their careers, military members and their families have some additional issues that they will want to be aware of in the event of a divorce.

Helping Springfield business owners through a difficult time

People in Springfield, Massachusetts, probably do not have to be told that divorce is a hard process to go through emotionally and financially. For that matter, even a separation that for whatever reason does not involve a formal divorce can be hard.

The house isn't always worth the fight

For many couples in Massachusetts, the family home is a place full of memories and, at least at times, a place where one feels secure and safe. Financially, it is also a valuable investment, as many ordinary residents of Springfield have a lot, even the largest share, of their wealth in their residence.

Don't get blindsided by tax problems after a divorce

For those who are not prepared during a divorce or other breakup, experiencing tax fallout can feel like getting the wind taken out of them. In other words, they may be blindsided, that is, totally unprepared to account for thousands of dollars in additional tax liabilities or lost tax savings.

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