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How to tell your boss about your divorce  

You are not required to tell your employer about your divorce. But it’s a good idea to do so. Divorce can be demanding – you may have to attend mediation sessions and hearings during work hours. This means you may leave work early or arrive late. 

Further, you may be unable to perform tasks as before. Accordingly, you may need to reduce your workload and so on. That’s why telling your boss you are going through a divorce can be beneficial.

Here is how you can hold the conversation:

Talk about how the divorce may affect your work

You don’t need to tell your boss about what led to the divorce or how you are handling the process. All they need to know is you are getting a divorce and how it will affect your work. Let them know you may have to miss work on certain days and if you need help with your workload.

Let them know how you plan to recover

Your employer may be supportive; they may agree to all your requests, but you should let them know you plan to recover. For example, you can tell them how you will handle as much as you can around your normal work schedule. 

Talk to them about changing your details

If you want to change your details, you should inform your employer. For example, if you wish to change your bank details or name or information on your tax forms. If you have moved out of the family home, you should provide your employer with the new address. You may also wish to update your emergency contact information.

A divorce conversation with your employer should be brief and direct. Consider legal help throughout your divorce process to make informed decisions.