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4 questions children may ask about a divorce 

When parents get divorced, kids often have a lot of questions. It’s important for parents to keep these questions in mind when having conversations about the upcoming divorce process.

But what are children going to ask? It may be much different than what adults would assume. Here are some common questions.

1. Where will everyone live?

Children are often concerned about where they will live, where their parents will live and if they will all still be together. You don’t necessarily have to go into the nuances of the child custody agreement, but it can help to give some children some idea of the upcoming schedule.

2. What about the rest of the family?

Children may also be concerned about where their siblings will live or what this means for extended family members. It’s important to them that they will still get to see the people they love.

3. Do they have to leave their house?

Adults may have moved many times in their lives, so it seems easy to them to move after divorce. But this can be very concerning for children, who may question whether or not they have to leave the only home they have ever known.

4. Did I do anything wrong?

Finally, many children believe that they have somehow caused the divorce. One of the most important steps for parents to take is just to assure their children that the divorce is not their fault and that both parents still love the children and will be involved with them moving forward.

After having this conversation, it’s time to make a parenting agreement and custody schedule. Take the time to carefully look into your legal options.