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When should you tell your spouse you want a divorce?

Acknowledging that your marriage has come to an end is sad. But it can even be more challenging to inform your spouse about it. Even though they may have noticed the signs of the marriage not working, they may not expect a divorce. Therefore, you should approach the conversation carefully, including when you have it.

This guide discusses when to tell your spouse you want a divorce:

When you are sure

Informing your spouse you want a divorce, only to change your mind later, can take a toll on your marriage. You should be certain you want it before telling them.

Consider going to marriage counseling, talking to friends, reading books and so on first. When you have no other options to make the marriage work, you can determine if you are ready for a divorce.

It’s crucial to talk to your spouse as soon as you are sure you want a divorce. Sitting on it for months or years can lead to accumulated anger that can negatively impact your divorce process and relationship in general.

When they are relaxed

Bringing up divorce news after a long day or while getting ready to leave for work may result in a bad interaction. You should have the talk when both of you are relaxed, such as on a Saturday morning. This will give you enough time to express your feelings and to hear your spouse’s.

When the kids are away

If you have children, you should consider talking to your spouse when they are away. You can take them to their grandparents or friends for the weekend.

Timing is crucial when having a divorce conversation. You should also get legal guidance to make informed decisions.