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4 issues that lead to divorce

Many people don’t get divorced because it’s the right time to do it. Divorce often happens because there’s an issue that can only be resolved through legal means. Some of these issues can be resolved with therapy, but therapy may only prolong the inevitable. 

When trying to figure out if divorce is right for you, you may need to consider the following reasons people commonly get a divorce:

1. Infidelity

Cheating can immediately break the trust between couples. Many people can’t get over the fact that their spouse would go behind their back and see someone else, especially in a sexual manner. Most of the time, cheating is the result of other issues in a marriage, such as regret, commitment issues, power struggles, money issues or the need for variety. 

2. Communication troubles

Marriage is all about strong communication. Each spouse should be able to talk about their needs, wants and issues and get support from the other. However, many people struggle to communicate, which can cause spouses to push each other away. If couples don’t improve their ability to communicate, then they may not know how to move forward with their marriage.

3. Addiction and abuse

Addiction can cause many issues. A spouse may have a drug addiction, for example. The drug addiction could then cause the spouse to act aggressively, especially if the other spouse is trying to stop the issue. Then, the addiction could lead to financial issues or health risks that strain the marriage.#4. PTSD

4. Post-traumatic stress disorder

Many people suffer from trauma that causes post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Unresolved PTSD could create tension in a marriage. For example, someone may be overly anxious about their spouse’s whereabouts because of previous cheating issues with a prior relationship. As a result, the fear could be misunderstood and lead to other issues, such as anger and stress.

Is it time for you to get a divorce? You may need to understand your legal rights when seeking a resolution to your marital issues.