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How will your adult children take the news of your divorce?

When people discuss the impact on children when their parents get divorced, the conversation naturally goes to how it affects young children. They rely on their parents for everything and a difficult divorce can have lasting impacts on them as they grow up. 

Having said that, many people are in a position where they have to now tell their adult children that their parents are getting divorced. It can be very difficult to anticipate how they might react. Here are some feelings they may display:

They are likely to be upset, angry and confused

Among many other different emotions, discovering their parents are getting divorced may come as a shock to children of any age. They may want to take sides and try and blame one of you for bringing the relationship to an end. 

If you and their other parent can work together to comfort your children and answer their questions or concerns, this can help in maintaining those family relationships. 

They may not know how to show their support

It’s tempting to want to lean on your adult children for emotional support as you go through your divorce. If you usually have a great and open relationship, they may usually be the exact person that you would go to in the event that you’re finding something difficult to cope with. 

Try not to be upset if they cannot offer you this support. You may instead benefit from speaking to an independent third party such as a therapist or even a friend or family member you know won’t judge or be upset by what you have to say. 

No matter what stage of life you’re at, going through a divorce is a difficult and emotional process. Making sure you have the right help you need as it progresses is key to making sure things go as smoothly as possible.