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Is money a source of disputes in your marriage? 

The beginning of a relationship can be an exciting time with little turbulence and this often extends to the start of the marriage as well. But the truth is, even the strongest of marriages hit some rough patches. What’s important is how couples communicate with one another and overcome these obstacles. 

If you take a look at any list containing the most common causes of divorce, finances are bound to be on there. Outlined below are some of the more common ways that money can cause disputes between spouses

Different financial objectives 

Some people are savers while others are spenders. There is absolutely nothing wrong with either approach. If you’ve earned the money, why should anyone else dictate what you should do with it?

However, when spouses fall on opposite sides of the spectrum, this can create tension. After all, a married couple is supposed to be a team. If you are determined to save for a home and start a family, but your spouse wants to travel the world and buy a new sports car, then it’s clear that you have opposing priorities. If you can’t compromise between you, this is a disagreement that could result in your relationship breaking down. 

Financial dishonesty 

It can be frustrating enough knowing that your spouse has different financial priorities and spending habits, but at least they’ve been open and honest about it. What if they told you they wanted a new house and family home too under false pretenses?

Compromise can be much easier when everyone knows where they stand. If you’ve been lied to about something as important as finances, this can be a difficult pill to swallow and it can be hard for your relationship to recover from this. 

If you feel that the differences in your marriage are irreconcilable, then it may be time to start looking into your divorce options. Having legal guidance on your side will ensure that your rights remain protected.