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3 sets of people that can make divorce easier for your child

As spouses and adults, you need to make the correct choices for yourselves regarding your marriage. If that means you need to divorce, then so be it. Yet as parents, you know your decision will affect your children too.

Seeing the two key adults in their life split up is bound to affect any child. Yet you are probably not the only important adults in their life, and those others may be able to give your child crucial support during and after your divorce.

Here are three sets of people you should tell about your divorce so that they can offer support to your child:

1. School teachers and coaches

Your child spends a lot of their life at school, and kids can behave very differently in school than at home. Your child’s teachers are in an ideal position to look out for any worrying changes in your child’s behavior. If your child engages in regular after-school sports, their coach may be able to fulfill a similar role.

2. Babysitters or others who care for your child

Many children adore their babysitters. When mum and dad go out, they get to sit on the couch together and chat or watch movies. As the people you choose are typically younger than you, your children can form bonds and discuss things that they might find difficult to discuss with you.

3. Extended family

Just because you are divorcing your spouse does not mean you need to divorce their whole family. Aunts, uncles and grandparents can all play a key role in looking after your kids and providing them with support.

These key people will find it easier to help your children if you and your spouse handle your divorce without too much animosity that could leave them feeling they need to choose sides. Seek legal help to understand how you can do that.