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How do you know when it is time to divorce?

All marriages have ups and downs, yet not all end in divorce. How can you tell if your relationship will soon be on the crest of a wave again or whether it is time to bail out?

Firstly, each situation is unique. Look to your past experience and see how this current low compares. If you have not tried couples counseling, you might consider giving that a go.

Here are some factors that psychologists have found often indicate that it is time to move on or get counseling:

No interest in getting intimate with each other

Maybe you just don’t find your partner attractive anymore, or perhaps the thought of them touching you repulses you. It’s not just about physical intimacy. Emotional intimacy is crucial to marriage too. If you no longer tell each other things or have cozy chats while snuggled up on the sofa, you might need to question why you are still together.

You disagree on major issues

If he wants to watch “At Home with the Kardashians” and you don’t, you can probably work around it. Yet when you have totally different viewpoints on things such as how to parent or your plans for the future, finding compromise may be harder. It may indicate you are headed on different paths.

You spend your time with others

Retaining your own friends and spending time apart can be a great thing. Yet there is typically some crossover. If your spouse never joins you, or you never invite them to do anything with your friends, nor you with theirs, it might signal you no longer have much in common.

If some of these things sound familiar, consider finding out more about divorce.