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What your children need to know about your divorce

Your children will need to know eventually that you and your spouse are getting a divorce. The talk can be emotionally exhausting for everyone. 

Preparing what to say to your kids in advance can take some of the stress off your shoulders. Here are some suggestions:

3 subjects your kid will need to know about the divorce

First, start by making sure they know both you and your spouse still love and care for them. A parent and their children’s relationship do not end after a divorce, rather the relationship between you and your spouse. It can be vital to keep a blameless narrative when talking to your children.

Second, your children may not realize that you and your spouse will not be living with each other after the divorce or separation. They may even need to know that they will be going back and forth between homes. It could even excite your kids to know that they get two bedrooms. This is one of many changes your kids will experience along with possibly changing schools or moving out of state. Further explaining what will change in their lives could ease their understanding of the divorce. 

Finally, your child may want to ask questions about the divorce. This is the time to “be honest and clear in your responses.” Your children may not fully understand the situation. Children of every age will understand the situation differently, and some will understand it easier than others. You can keep in mind that you do not need to discuss everything with your kids such as the specifics about why the divorce is happening. You are still allowed a sense of privacy. 

If you and your spouse have decided on a divorce then it may be time to talk with your child about what they should expect. Taking these tips into consideration can help everyone in the long run.