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Does age matter during a divorce?

People get divorced at very different ages. There are certainly cases where young couples are married for only a year or two and then decide to split up, and there are also cases when people stay together for decades before getting divorced.

Does age actually play a role at all? Is it going to have any effect on the divorce itself?

It may impact your financial future

First and foremost, getting married at a later age can have a big impact on your financial future. This is especially true in situations where you’ve been saving for retirement, or your spouse has a pension or retirement plan. You need to make sure you know how to divide these assets properly so that you can still retire. Even if you’re not at that point yet, people often have far more expenses when they’re older, and they’re more settled into that style of life. Getting divorced can upset this and require you to address some of these changes in a way that younger couples just don’t have to think about.

Young marriages lead to more divorces

Another way that age may play a role is simply in the odds that you will get divorced. It has long been found that those who get married at a younger age are statistically more likely to get divorced. This may not have as much of an impact on the proceedings, but it could mean that you do split up.

Do you know what options you have?

No matter what age you are, it’s very important to understand all of the legal options at your disposal as you move through the divorce process.