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Coparenting and the Fourth of July: Tips for a festive holiday

The Fourth of July is a fun holiday that many people spend together with family and friends. There are often fireworks displays when the weather is good, and children and their friends might go to festivals or parties in their local areas.

Coparenting on the Fourth of July isn’t always simple, because this holiday is so family-based. Parents may also be concerned about the rules at these engagements, such as if there will be fireworks available and what they’re comfortable with their child doing.

The good news is that there are some things you can do to make coparenting easier on the Fourth, such as talking about fireworks ahead of time, discussing where your child can go and who they can go with, and where you expect them to be on that day.  

3 tips for coparenting on the Fourth of July

The first tip for coparenting on the Fourth is to discuss fireworks, both displays and at-home explosives. You should talk with your ex-spouse about which fireworks you’re comfortable with your child being exposed to and which you are not. For example, you may be happy with them using a few sparklers with adults watching, but you may not be comfortable with them being at an at-home fireworks display run by amateurs.

Another thing to discuss is where your child may go and who they can go with. Their friends may call or invite them out. Teens might want to go on dates. To keep your children safe, get on the same page with your ex and discuss where they can go, and who they can go with, before the holiday.

Finally, stick to your parenting plan for custody issues. If you’re supposed to have custody this year, make sure you listen to the other parent’s concerns. If they have custody, have a good conversation about any worries you have. Being open and honest in conversation may help you prevent accidents and keep your child away from hazards or dangerous situations.

Sitting down before the holiday to discuss your rules with your child is also important. Take the time to do this, so everyone can have a happy and safe celebration.