An Attorney Who Has Walked In Your Shoes

Helping Springfield business owners through a difficult time

People in Springfield, Massachusetts, probably do not have to be told that divorce is a hard process to go through emotionally and financially. For that matter, even a separation that for whatever reason does not involve a formal divorce can be hard.

This is particularly true of Massachusetts residents who own a business, and most especially when both parties actually have invested time, money and energy in the family business. A previous post, for instance, talked about the difficulties of even getting a value on a family business, not to mention actually going through the process of divvying the business up.

Among other services related to divorce, our law office helps business owners protect what is most often among their most valuable assets. Understanding the issues related to the division of a business can be difficult, but our experienced attorney has successfully represented many business owners over the years.

While her goal is to see if a cost-effective and proper resolution is available without going to court, the attorney at our office also has extensive experience representing business owners in contested divorce proceedings. In any event, she works closely with other professionals who will likely also form a part of a business owner’s team. Her goal is to make sure that the business’s assets, including intangible assets like goodwill and accounts receivable, get appropriately accounted for.

She also helps her clients explore their options for dividing a family business. While, usually, one party will be willing to buy out the other party’s interest in the business, sometimes the business may have to be sold or even split in some appropriate fashion. This process can take some special skill and creativity.