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Once I have guardianship of a minor, what must I do?

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, grandparents and other concerned relatives may be able to help a child by taking custody of them through guardianship. Hopefully, with the proper legal help, this process can go relatively smoothly, particularly if the child’s biological parents are on board with the process.

Family members who serve as guardians over their minor loved ones in Massachusetts have ongoing responsibilities both to the children they are caring for and to the court that is overseeing the guardianship. With respect to the children themselves, it may seem obvious, but, as the legal and physical custodian of the child, the guardian must make sure that the child is properly cared for and has their needs met. The guardian is also responsible for ensuring that the child receives the necessary medical treatment, along with a proper education.

With respect to the court, the guardian will have to file a report every year that explains how the child is doing and whether there have been any significant changes that might impact the court’s ongoing supervision of the guardianship. For example, the guardian will be expected to answer how the child is doing at school and whether the guardian has been accused of any sort of child abuse or neglect. The guardian must file this report under oath and on a form approved by Massachusetts.

While filing a report may seem like an easy thing to do, anytime someone files an official document, the utmost care should be taken to make sure that the document is correct.