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I provide experienced legal guidance in family law, divorce and special education law. I represent parents and families throughout western Massachusetts.

March 2015 Archives

Disabled Massachusetts mother gets legal custody of daughter

A 21-year-old mother with a mild intellectual disability has recently won a legal battle against the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families to gain legal custody of her 2-year-old daughter. The young mother was fighting the case for 2 years to reunite with her baby, who was taken away from her when she was 2-days-old and placed in a foster home.

Things to know before appointing a guardian in Massachusetts

Massachusetts guardianship laws allow biological parents or respondents to give legal custody of a child to either a family member or the third party. Guardianship is similar to adoption in that it provides a minor child with an adult to provide care. Unlike adoption, which is permanent, guardianship can be temporary or permanent. When a court appoints a guardian for a child, the personal welfare, education, housing, medical and education decisions become the responsibility of the guardian.

What are the federal child support enforcement laws?

According to the existing legal system, child support enforcement is a responsibility of the particular state. That means that most matters pertaining to child support in Massachusetts are under the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts courts. Child support enforcement tasks are carried out by Title IV-D agencies according to federal laws. However, in certain exceptional cases, federal laws may also apply. Those federal laws are mainly related to child support enforcement, especially in those cases where the amount of child support that the parent owes is a fairly large amount.

Are custody rulings in Massachusetts fair enough to children?

The administration of some Massachusetts child custody case results may in fact turn out be unfair to the very children the courts were trying to help. The pattern of current child custody rulings may make children feel that they are property rather than human beings with rights and views of their own. Massachusetts family court rulings usually allow divorcing parents to spend equal time with their children.

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