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Child support issues go beyond receiving a child support order

The separation of unmarried parents or the divorce of married parents can create a great deal of uncertainty in the life of a Springfield child. Though many parents who choose to end their relationships take steps to protect their kids from the emotional challenges of such events there is often no way for them to completely shelter their children from the difficulties of the process.

One way that parents can help their children, though, is to ensure that the kids’ transitions from having their parents together to living separately goes as smoothly as possible. Much of this can be achieved through careful planning and sound child custody agreements; child support agreements and orders can help kids continue to receive the financial support they need from both parents to ensure that they are able to thrive.

A child support agreement or order stipulates who will provide a child with financial assistance and in what amount. It may outline when support payments are due as well as the format that the paying parent should use to make payments. It will often determine when the child support obligation will end and if there are any limitations on what the support can be used for.

In some cases a family may receive a child support order that will function through the end of the child’s age of minority. However, in many cases circumstances between the family members change and an order or agreement may need to be modified. A parent may lose their ability to pay or a child’s needs may change; when modifications to a child support agreement or order are necessary a family law attorney can be of great assistance.

Claudette-Jean Girard, attorney at law, works with families who require changes to their operating child support orders and agreements. Her family law practice is open to new clients and readers of this post are invited to learn more about her practice through her law firm’s page on child support.