An Attorney Who Has Walked In Your Shoes

Defending Your Right To Fair Child Support

Whether you are seeking child support for the first time, need to resolve unpaid child support or want to change the amount of child support being ordered, I can help you understand your options.

I am attorney Claudette-Jean Girard. I have been through many of the same experiences you are going through right now. I understand both the interpersonal and the legal issues surrounding child support.

I have been divorced and remarried and have raised a blended family. Between being a lawyer and as a mother, I have dealt with most of the hardest issues with setting up, collecting and changing child support as circumstances changed.

I provide experienced, caring legal help to parents dealing with child support issues during, after or outside of divorce. Please call 877-622-6089 to arrange a free consultation.

Your Initial Child Support Order

For most people in Massachusetts, determining child support is a relatively simple matter of having the court apply the Massachusetts child support formula.

The court will look at both parents’ income and how much time you each will be spending with your child, then use the child support guidelines to determine how much child support is to be paid and to whom.

There are exceptions to the formula, and I can examine your situation and determine if any exceptions are applicable to you.

Changing Your Child Support Amount

As your circumstances change, your child support amount may change, too. If you change jobs, lose a job, move or encounter new expenses for your children, you may need a child support modification. I can help you go back to the probate and family court to ask for a change in your child support order.

Child Support Enforcement

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue collects child support payments, mostly using payroll deductions to collect child support from the paying parent and sending a check to the receiving parent. In such cases, if the correct amount of child support is unpaid the Department of Revenue will take action to collect it.

In other cases, parents arrange for the paying parent to pay the other directly. If your child support is supposed to be paid directly, I can help you enforce your order and collect any unpaid child support that you are owed.

Have You Been Arrested Or Lost Your License Due To Unpaid Child Support?

Despite the hype, most parents who get behind on child support aren’t “deadbeats.”

If you can’t pay your back child support now, I may be able to:

  • Negotiate with the Department of Revenue for a payment plan or settlement.
  • Seek a change in the amount you pay.
  • Represent you, if you’ve been arrested or lost your driver’s or professional license because of a child support arrearage.

For a free initial consultation about child support, contact me. I offer weekday, evening and weekend appointments at a location convenient to you.