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A child’s special needs may require extended child support

It is a common dream among Massachusetts parents that their children thrive during their younger years and then arrive at adulthood prepared to take care of themselves and face the challenges that come with being grown-ups. However, when some children turn eighteen they may be unable to manage the many responsibilities that befall adults in modern American society. Children who suffer from disabilities often require support when they become adults, and when those kids’ parents are divorced, this can result in child support obligations that extend into the children’s adulthoods.

For example, a special needs child may require accommodations such as a personal helper, modified vehicle, medical or occupational interventions, and other types of support in order to function in his or her daily environment. While some may be able to bridge the difficult step from childhood to adulthood, others may be in exactly the same place with regard to the help they need once they turn eighteen. For these children, it can be next to impossible to take care of themselves if their parents cease to support them in a financial way.

Although every case of child support is different, children who suffer from disabilities may often be awarded support from their parents into their adulthoods. The particulars of a support case may be discussed with a family law attorney before a parent seeks extended payments for his or her special needs child; divorce and family law lawyers in Springfield are available for this purpose.

Parents want what is best for their kids, and that can mean fighting for their rights to extended child support if the kids’ suffer from disabilities or otherwise have special needs. Whether during a divorce or subsequent family law hearing, child support matters can be addressed when circumstances warrant attention.