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Helping your children settle into 2 homes

More often than not, when parents divorce, one of them ends up moving out. This can be a daunting process, particularly for the children. 

Children like stability and the transition to living between two homes can be difficult. Nonetheless, children can settle in and thrive in two homes. Here are some tips to achieve this. 

Children need their own space 

It can take time for children to adjust to any new environment. The sooner they have established their own space, the better. Their room is the best place to start. What really helps is if you let them join in with decorating. A few toys, some wallpaper and a themed bedding set can also make a huge difference. In no time, your child will start to feel settled in their new room. 

Favorite items can move between both homes 

Children tend to go through phases of having favorite toys, particularly when they are young. For example, a child may have a favorite teddy bear. These kinds of items can be taken from home to home. When a child has their favorite companion by their side, they will feel much more settled. If this isn’t feasible, then consider buying duplicate items so that the child has some familiarity when getting used to the new place. 

Stable routines

Stable routines are crucial for a child’s development. Having consistency in terms of parenting fundamentals can also foster a strong co-parenting relationship. For example, you can make bedtimes the same in both houses. Or, both houses could implement a rule of getting homework done before watching TV in the evenings. 

Parents are bound to have differences, so the structure doesn’t have to be exactly the same in both houses. However, even having one stable routine can make a big difference. 

The custody schedule will be crucial in terms of maintaining stability in two homes. To prioritize the best interests of your child, it will help to have as much legal information as possible.