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3 tips for divorcing with an only child

Having an only child often comes with challenges that parents didn’t expect. If you and the child’s other parent decide to divorce, there are going to be some points to consider. 

One of the most important things to think about in the case of an only child is making sure they have the support they need. Children who have siblings will often turn to their siblings for support, but this isn’t possible for an only child

1. Remain a parenting team

You and your ex need to remain a parenting team. Ideally, you’ll tell your child about the divorce together. You’ll still need to attend important events together to show your support. Never let tense conversations ruin those important days. 

2. Build a support system

Your child will need a larger support system than just you and your ex. This may include trusted adults from both sides of the family, as well as parents of friends, teachers, coaches, pastors and similar individuals in the child’s life. 

3. Keep things familiar

Ideally, your child will be able to continue their beloved activities. You and your ex will likely have to work out transportation and finances but it’s crucial that you do this so your child can have a safe space doing something they enjoy. 

Parents going through a child custody battle should ensure they’re always doing what’s best for their child. The parenting plan must be set based on what your child needs now. As those needs change, it’s possible to modify the order. Working with someone who can help you to get things in order is beneficial because you can draw from their knowledge.