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Is your spouse no longer committed to your marriage? 

Marriage in itself is a major legal and emotional commitment. Sometimes, couples go into it with the best possible intentions, but the relationship just isn’t meant to be. 

Marriage can be tough at times and it takes a lot of commitment. Both partners need to be able to communicate and compromise. Once the commitment to the relationship goes on, the marriage could be in trouble. Outlined below are a few signs that your spouse is no longer committed to the relationship:

There’s a lack of communication 

No relationship can be perfect all the time. Even the healthiest of marriages contain disagreements. What’s important is how these disputes are resolved, and a  resolution cannot be reached without effective communication. The problem is, with your latest dispute, your spouse is refusing to open lines of communication. This has gone on for weeks. A marriage cannot survive without effective communication. 

You’re being excluded from their lives 

It is important that spouses have their own space. Doing absolutely everything together as a couple can become overwhelming. That being said, the other end of the scale can also be unhealthy. If your spouse is planning holidays, trips, or even nights out that never include you, then this is a sign that they may not be fully committed to the marriage. You don’t need to spend every second together, but you do need at least some quality time. 

Once you recognize that your marriage isn’t working, it’s probably time to think about protecting yourself. If you have children then you’ll want to prioritize their well-being. After that, you can start thinking about property division. Seeking some legal guidance will give you a better idea of your options.