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3 steps fathers can take to get custody after divorce

You love your children and have been there through every up and down since they were born. You do work long hours, but you always made time for your children’s school recitals or events.

Now, your spouse wants to get a divorce and has said that they’d like to take the children with them and move. They are requesting primary custody rather than being on board with a shared custody scenario.

This kind of situation is devastating for fathers. It is unfair for someone to decide to take your children away, especially when you’ve been an active, positive role model.

What can you do?

Fathers have a right to see their children

To start with, remember that fathers do have a right to see their children and to seek custody time with them. There is not an automatic assumption that the children’s mother should get more time with them. However, it is possible for an underlying bias to exist even if a legal one doesn’t.

To help you get custody, remember these three steps.

  1. Be realistic with your custody schedule

First, be realistic about the custody schedule. If you really are so busy that you may not be able to get home to care for your children in the afternoons or can’t be there regularly more than a day or two a week, it may not be best to try to seek equal custody with the other parent. Think carefully about your schedule and then suggest a schedule that works with your other responsibilities.

  1. Build up witness statements and evidence

Another thing to do is to have good witness statements and evidence. You want to show that you’re an active role model in your children’s lives and that you do want what’s best for them.

  1. Be ready to go to court

Finally, talk to your attorney about preparing for court. If your case goes to trial, you want to be prepared to answer a judge’s questions and fight for the custody you want.

Divorces are hard, and this situation may be frustrating. With help, you can get through it and do what’s best for your children.