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Are your in-laws making the divorce more difficult?

Family dynamics are often extremely complex. They are also unique. Over the years, you may have become very close with your in-laws. Now they’ve caught wind that your relationship with their child is over and that a divorce is in progress.

This has resulted in a drastic shift in how they treat you. They’ve become cold and standoffish any time you see them. They’re even going out of their way to interfere in the divorce, in an attempt to turn your spouse and children against you.

Why does this happen? Is there anything you can do about it?

Remember that they are parents too

You have children yourself, so you understand the natural instinct to protect them no matter what. When the separation is new, feelings will still be raw. Their hostility to you may be an initial reaction and will probably not last forever. As long as you and your former spouse lead by example, by showing a united front, then this should eventually rub off on your in-laws. Over time, your ex will be able to explain to them that the decision was mutual, and in the best interests of all parties.

Find common ground

Whatever happens, you and your in-laws will always have something in common, the love for your children, and their grandchildren. It is widely accepted that high conflict scenarios are detrimental to the welfare of a child. You and your in-laws have a shared mutual interest in keeping hostility to a minimum.

As you go through the divorce procedure, remember that you have legal rights in Massachusetts. Don’t be afraid to assert these should the need arise.