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Activities that can comfort your child after divorce

Parents will often find aspects of the divorce procedure challenging, and the same can be said for children. However, with the best interests of the child at the center, and amicable negotiations, all parties can overcome troubling issues.

The challenge doesn’t stop with the divorce though, life has to continue and everyone must adapt to this new chapter in life post-divorce. Children will have thoughts and feelings about what has happened, as well as concerns about the future. It is important not to shut out these feelings or concerns, but address them in an age-appropriate manner. Here are some things you can do as a parent to help your children cope with divorce.

Get creative

The preferred method for adults to describe their emotions is generally direct conversation. Children may not be mature enough yet to talk about their emotions in this way, but there are other means available. Children can find drawing pictures an extremely useful way of expressing how they feel. As a parent, you can engage with them in this process, which will give you a clearer indication of what they are struggling with and how you can help them get past their reservations. When children draw pictures about their emotions, it can have similar healing qualities to when adults note their feelings down on paper.

Close the distance

If you are a non-custodial parent, you will spend considerable time away from your children. However, with modern technology, a physical distance doesn’t need to equate to an emotional distance. You can retain regular contact through weekly phone calls. If your child has access to email, this provides you with a source of instantaneous communication. Furthermore, younger children often find it fun to send letters. This will allow your child to think carefully about what they want to say to you, and in turn, it will afford you enough time to draft a careful response.

Divorce can be tough on everyone involved but there are ways to make it easier. Many parents find that they can remain amicable and still tackle child-related issues as a family. As you adapt to your post-divorce life, be sure to keep in mind your legal rights as a parent.