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3 tips to help you handle divorce (and life after divorce)

Divorcing is a major life transition, but it’s one that’s necessary for some individuals. When you’re embarking on the process, you should prepare yourself for what’s coming. There are many points that you should remember as you end your marriage

Many people are shocked when they go through all of the drama that occurs during the first year after the divorce. For many, the divorce is seemingly easier than dealing with the “firsts” that occur in that year. Consider these three tips to help you cope:

1. Start new traditions

While you were married, you probably had traditions with your ex for special days. You can reset the traditions into ones that mean more to you now that you’re single. Remember to include the kids in the development of these traditions after the divorce. 

2. Choose your words carefully

The start of your single life is a chance for you to embark on a journey of positivity. Choose what you say and what you focus on carefully. One important consideration now is that you avoid speaking negatively of your ex if you share children. Instead, make up your mind to work with your ex as part of a parenting team. This helps the kids to feel a bit more stable.

3. Focus on rebuilding relationships

Your family is probably important to you, but your family members might have fallen by the wayside as you were going through your divorce. Rebuilding those relationships is a great focus right now as you work on developing your new normal. 

Discuss your circumstances with your attorney so they can review the options that you have for the divorce. Your goal should be receiving the best settlement possible so you have a good footing to start your new, single life.