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Why do so many divorced parents use parenting apps to text?

Smartphones have made instant, on-demand communication the standard. You and your ex have probably maintained constant communication throughout your relationship. Now that you’re divorced, you may not be talking as much.

However, when you share children, you will have no choice but to interact with one another after a divorce. Although it may seem unnecessary at first, you may want to consider downloading a parenting app to help you and your ex adjust to your new relationship. There are multiple reasons why divorcing and divorced parents use co-parenting apps to communicate.

All the information about your responsibilities is in one place

Your co-parenting app might include your parenting time schedule and other important information, like curfew information, sports practice schedules and other details. Even if the app itself doesn’t host that information, you can quickly check in with your ex through the app.

All of your communication records are in one place, which would make it a lot easier to determine if you have already talked about switching weekends next month.

Using a separate program helps keep things civil

When you text and email using the same systems you relied on for personal communication during your marriage, emotion might get the better of you. The conversation might go off the rails and veer in to areas like your anger toward one another instead of the needs of the children.

Keeping the conversation completely focused on the kids will help keep your relationship healthier. Using a separate app for communication will help remind you to keep the conversation appropriate. Additionally, there is documentation of every dispute and change when you use a co-parenting app. That can help reduce misunderstandings and disputes that can occur with verbal communication.

These software programs can help you show a habit of late arrivals, last-minute cancellations and passive-aggressive or even threatening communication. Using a co-parenting app will ideally help you and your ex be better co-parents. At the minimum, it will help prove you right when you claim that your ex doesn’t show up or uses abusive language toward you.