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With custody and visitation, it’s important to be flexible when illnesses occur

If your child is sick during the holidays, one of the most difficult things to deal with is how you are going to adjust. They may be home from school or have a tight schedule going between homes for Christmas Eve, Christmas, Hanukkah or other important events.

As a parent, you want them to experience all the joy that comes with the holiday season, but if they are unwell, then adjustments have to be made. This is where flexibility becomes very important in your child custody plan.

Should you transfer custody when your child is unwell?

This is a common question for parents, and the answer depends on your situation. If your child cannot be moved safely from one place to another because of their illness, then it makes sense that they should stay where they are. However, if it is time to switch custody and your child has a minor fever or can travel by car safely, then it will disrupt everyone’s lives less by going through with the transfer.

It is a good idea to talk to the other parent and work out a plan for what happens when your child is sick. You may both agree that you would rather have them stay at one parent’s household while they are ill, or you might agree to stick to your schedule unless there is an emergency. What you do depends not only on your child’s health but also on your own responsibilities and how changing the schedule could impact your child’s safety or well-being.

If you consistently have concerns about transferring custody or consistent changes in the custody schedule, it may be appropriate to speak with your attorney.