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When external pressures lead to marriage, divorce can soon follow

In many cases, divorce comes after a previously happy marriage begins to decline. The couple did intend to stay married when they tied the knot, but things changed over the years. Eventually, they realized it was time to end it. 

However, there are also cases where people have reservations about marriage from the start. They’re not sure that they even want to get married, but they go ahead and do it anyway. This can then lead to a relatively quick divorce. The couple may try to stick it out for a year, for instance, before admitting that it was a mistake — something they really knew from the beginning. 

Why does this happen? There are numerous potential reasons, but one of the most common is just social pressure. Couples who have been together for a long time may feel like they’re just at the point in life where they need to get married. Some couples, due to traditions and the expectations of their families, may also reach an age where they feel like they’re “supposed” to get married, buy a house, have kids, etc. 

If you just asked them if they were in love and wanted to be married, they’d say they weren’t. But they always assumed they’d be married at this point in life, their parents and family members want them to get married, so they marry whoever they are currently dating. 

When outside pressures spur people to get married, it can increase the odds that they’ll also get divorced. They’re eventually going to have to face the fact that they did this for someone else, not for themselves. That’s when they need to know what legal steps to take to end the marriage