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The hidden losses that you can experience during a divorce

Many individuals think that their divorce is going to be a joyful occasion — especially when they’re the person who wanted it. While it is true that there are positive aspects to ending a tumultuous marriage, there are some hidden losses that you should prepare for as you go through this process. 

It surprises some divorcees when they start to miss the companionship they had during the marriage. Even if you and your ex didn’t always see eye-to-eye on everything, you could probably count on them to be around when you had major events going on. They may have celebrated your promotion at work or talked to you about what was going on with the kids. Not having that adult companionship around all the time may suddenly be a challenge. 

If you have children with your ex, you might start to realize how much of impact not having the kids around all the time is having on you. It’s imperative that you focus on making the time you have with them quality time instead of focusing on the number of hours you get so that you don’t get caught up in negative feelings. 

There’s also a chance that you’ll lose some friends, and your ex’s family might not want to deal with you any longer. Unfortunately, these byproducts of divorce might occur at a time when you most need support. You may opt to try to strengthen the relationships you have with your own family members and find new friends. 

While these losses can be difficult to handle, you shouldn’t let them impact the decisions you make during the divorce process. Instead, try to separate your emotions from the practical side of the process so that you’re best prepared for your new life.