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Childs support modification: If it’s necessary, ask for it

You have always paid child support on time, but you’ve noticed that your hours at work have started to decline. You want to continue to pay what you’ve been ordered to cover, but it’s getting to a point where you’re struggling to have enough to pay your bills and have anything left over. With no discretionary income, you’re scared that an accident or rise in your living costs could push your finances to the brink. 

It sounds like you may need to seek a child support modification. This modification could help you reach out to a judge and ask for a lower child support responsibility each month. 

Should you wait until you can’t pay to seek a modification?

No. It’s good that you’re being proactive. Showing that you have done your best to make payments on time and are current on those payments is positive. It shows the judge that you’re willing to pay and that you’re asking for the reduction because you truly need it. 

When you ask for the child support modification, make sure you include:

  • Your latest income information, such as paystubs
  • Information about how your basic expenses have changed, such as higher utility bills or rental costs
  • Any other information that supports why you need to have the amount you normally pay reduced 

People’s circumstances change. The fact that you need to reduce the support you owe is just a part of life. Your attorney will help you put together information to seek the modification so that you can continue to make on-time payments and have more discretionary income to help take care of emergencies in your life.