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Weighing the pros and cons of divorce

The decision to get a divorce is a significant one. Many people in Massachusetts who are contemplating getting a divorce agonize about the decision for months, if not years. Sometimes they are certain that a divorce is the right decision, while at other times they may catch a glimpse of what their spouse was like at better times in the relationship and think twice. For anyone who is thinking about divorce, it is probably helpful to understand some of the pros and cons of the legal process.

One of the cons, for starters, is that a divorce, especially for those with minor children, doesn’t always necessarily put an end to any and all relationships with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. You may still interact with that person throughout life, particularly if you are raising children together. In some cases, divorce simply does not extract a person completely from a relationship with the other spouse. A divorce also might not result in the financial end you might expect. Separating a household can, in some cases, be a financial burden, especially in the short-term when both ex-spouses are trying to get back on their feet after the legal process is over.

However, for those who are in marriages that simply are not going to last, there are pros to consider as well. A divorce will allow you the freedom to pursue other relationships that might be healthier, especially from an emotional standpoint. It can also leave an individual on firm financial footing to start his or her post-divorce life. Ending a toxic relationship can even further one’s relationship with his or her children. And, not all divorces are overly complicated. Many can be resolved out-of-court through direct negotiations or participation in mediation.

Every case is different, so there will be a wide variety of factors for divorcing couples to consider. Those who may be thinking that a divorce could be the right move for them may benefit from getting more information about their own unique family dynamics and the resultant legal possibilities.