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Don’t face Massachusetts military divorce issues alone

These days, divorce is a common enough event, but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t going to have questions about it. On the contrary, many people do not have much experience with divorce law. There is also a lot of incorrect and misleading information floating around. Getting accurate information, tailored to one’s specific situation, can be very helpful. Service members may be some of those facing these kinds of unknown situations.

There are some special issues that can affect military divorces. These can include deciding which state’s courts should hear a divorce petition. Another issue is whether a service member is entitled to a stay of proceedings after a divorce petition is filed. Finally, if the service member is entitled to, or is getting, a pension, there are special rules that apply to the question of how this pension will be divided in a divorce.

Any divorce of any couple will include some special situations. It can be of vital importance for divorcing spouses to get experienced, knowledgeable legal advisers to guide them through the process. Attorney Claudette-Jean Girard provides experienced, caring help for spouses in Springfield, Massachusetts. She helps divorce petitioners, and she also helps spouses who have been served with divorce papers. Some divorce issues she has helped clients with include property division, child custody, child support and alimony.

Military divorces have unique issues, but even divorces between civilians can become complex. For more information on the services Attorney Claudette-Jean Girard provides, please check out the divorce page on her firm’s website.