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What is limited assistance representation?

It is no secret that hiring an attorney in Massachusetts is costly, even when everyone is being fair and reasonable and everything is being done to save on unnecessary legal expenses. The reality is that litigating a case is just expensive in the current market.

For those who are cost conscious yet still critically need legal representation, our law office offers an option that may be helpful. This option is called limited assistance representation.

As the name implies, it means that our attorney will assist in a case in a limited fashion. In other words, she will agree to handle only one aspect of the case or to be involved only for a certain period of time. This is contrary to the traditional notion of legal representation, in which an attorney handles the entirety of her client’s legal matter from start to finish.

The advantage to this option is that it saves money and makes legal representation affordable for when it counts the most. The risk is that since the attorney is only involved in a limited capacity, the client is self-represented in all other respects and accountable for handling his own legal affairs.

Limited assistance representation can be helpful in a variety of family law contexts, and it also may be of use to grandparents or others seeking the guardianship over their grandchild or young loved one. For instance, if Springfield grandparents have managed to get a child’s parents to agree to a guardianship, limited assistance representation may be the way to make sure the guardianship gets properly set up.

This option is not right for all cases, and our attorney will not agree to it if she feels doing so would cause confusion or, worse, do harm to a client’s legal interests. However, she is willing to explore this options for clients who may otherwise be faced with the choice of breaking the bank or not having a lawyer when they really need one.