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Representation in high conflict custody situations

There is a lot of focus these days in the world of family law on the importance of parents putting aside at least some of their differences for the sake of their children and agreeing on a parenting plan. This is thought to be best for the well-being of the children, and, quite frankly, it also saves parents a lot of time and stress as well.

Unfortunately, often through no fault of their own, Massachusetts residents in the Springfield area can find themselves in a place where resolving a custody or parenting time issue in an amicable way is just not possible.

Sometimes, this is because mental illness or an addiction is in play, while at other times, it may be that the other parent has simply chosen to be difficult and contentious. In some cases, one parent may have been abusive toward the other parent or the children.

In these sorts of cases, it can be very hard for a loving parent to get a satisfactory child custody order, although the consequences of not doing so can be very serious, having a lasting impact on the parent and the parent’s children. Going to court and having a contested hearing in these sorts of situations is often necessary.

These are reasons why many parents in difficult custody battles trust the experience and knowledge of the attorney at our law office. We recognize that a custody fight is rarely about being vindictive and is often necessary in order for a parent to protect his or her children and do what is best for them, particularly in the midst of difficult circumstances.

After giving candid advice about what is and is not reasonably possible, we work hard with our clients and a team of experts to achieve our client’s goals for their children.