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Representing high earners in child support disputes

As a previous post discussed, many people who live fairly ordinary lives may earn over $250,000 a year between the parents. The Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines do not account fully for those over this amount. If this is the case, it is often prudent for a parent to retain the services of an experienced attorney. Support will be, to some extent, determined by the facts and circumstances of each parent, and these will have to be effectively presented to the judge who is hearing the child support case.

Our office is here to help a parent accomplish their goals. From both professional and personal experience, we realize how important it is to make sure that a child support order is established in a fair and accurate manner.

Even though the formula set by our state’s Guidelines is always a starting point, there are times and circumstances when this formula does not apply, and high income is one such circumstance. We can help our clients in this situation evaluate their options and also put together an effective case.

For some, this might mean compiling information that shows that additional child support, beyond what would be required for a family earning $250,000 annually, should be awarded. In other situations, a parent might wish to argue that the highest support called for under the Guidelines is sufficient to meet a child’s needs. Whatever the goals of the parents are, legal guidance from an experienced attorney can be helpful for those in such situations.